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Top Trending Videos
The only catalyst we need for bitcoin is time, says Anthony Pompliano | Jul 10, 2024
Anthony Pompliano, Professional Capital Management CEO, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss bitcoin's recent volatile run, impact of the 2024 election on the cryptocurrency, price outlook, and more.
On Crude Oil: "Not talking about materially higher prices from here" | Jul 10, 2024
Tamar Essner says summer months are typically strong for crude oil demand, and sees prices supported in the $80's. #crudeoil #oil #energy #commodities #gasoline #crude #prices #pump #fuel ======== Schwab Network ======== Empowering every investor and
A Bearish Outlook for Oil | Jul 10, 2024
4Q24 and 4Q25 surpluses create a risk of a large price correction, notes Vikas Dwivedi. He discusses a bearish outlook for oil.
Final Trades: Edwards Lifesciences, First Citizens, UnitedHealth and iShares US Real Estate ETF | Jul 10, 2024
The Investment Committee give you their top stocks to watch for the second half.
Falling lumber costs may bring homebuilding cost relief, says BofA's Rafe Jafrosich | Jul 10, 2024
Rafe Jafrosich, homebuilders and building products analyst at Bank of America Securities, joins CNBC's 'The Exchange' to discuss building costs, the housing trade, and more.
Hurricane Beryl & Possible Recession: Impact on Oil Prices in 2024 | Jul 10, 2024
Priced at a risk premium ahead of Hurricane Beryl, but that needed to be removed to account for the lack of significant damage to Texas' oil infrastructure, notes Carley Garner. She and Tyler Richey discuss the outlook for oil.
There's a lot of opportunity to get into this oil market, says Carlyle's Jeff Currie | Jul 10, 2024
Jeff Currie, Carlyle Group chief strategy officer of energy pathways, joins 'Closing Bell Overtime' to talk how to play the energy trade in the second half of 2024.
Top International News
Crude oil prices set to drop amid surplus, Morgan Stanley forecasts | Jul 22, 2024
Crude oil will likely be in a surplus next year with Brent crude prices dropping to the mid-to-high 70s range, analysts at Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) believe. In a note, the bank's analysts wrote that tightness would hold for most of the third quarter,
VFH: Top Holdings Remain Resilient, But Consumer Risks Are Rising | Jul 22, 2024
VFH warrants a hold rating due to the resiliency of top holdings despite rising consumer risk factors such as increasing credit card delinquencies and decreasing savings rates. VFH is a passively managed ETF that has outperformed the market since my c
VAW: Materials Dashboard For July | Jul 22, 2024
A monthly article series reports industry metrics in materials. The basic materials sector is moderately overvalued based on 11-year averages. The construction materials industry still looks relatively attractive.
Top Indian News
Increased social spends, welfare policies to buoy rural demand, FMCGs to gain | Jul 23, 2024
Rural recovery is anticipated to be driven by higher allocations for social sector schemes in the upcoming Union Budget.
Consumer durables industry awaits Budget measures to boost demand | Jul 23, 2024
Analysts predict that a key focus of the Budget will be enhancing rural income, which would indirectly stimulate demand for consumer durables.
Tobacco, gaming industries brace for Budget day announcements | Jul 23, 2024
Budget 2024:Experts are eyeing what Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s first post-election Budget might offer for the liquor, tobacco, and gaming sectors
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