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*Disclaimer : Investing in the Fund involves risk, including the potential loss of the principal amount invested. The value of investments may go up or down and past performance is not indicative of future results.

Most traded ETFs

Here’s what other investors, like you, are choosing for their SIPs

Funds Price Min. Investment Rating
SILVERBEES Nippon India Silver ETF
81.55 + 0.72 (0.89%) 5,000 5 Invest now
GOLDBEES Nippon India ETF Gold BeES
61.96 -0.23 (-0.37%) 5,000 5 Invest now
NIFTYBEES Nippon India ETF Nifty 50 BeES
201.02 -0.47 (-0.23%) 5,000 5 Invest now
GOLDBEES Nippon India ETF Gold BeES
51.43 -0.84 (-1.61%) 5,000 5 Invest now
NIFTYBEES Nippon India ETF Nifty 50 BeES
243.94 + 1.53 (0.63%) 5,000 5 Invest now
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Know more about ETF SIPs

ETF SIP, or Systematic Investment Plan, is an investment strategy that enables individuals to invest a fixed amount of money at regular intervals (usually monthly) in any ETF. It offers several advantages for investors looking to build wealth over the long term.

Affordability: ETF SIP allows you to start investing with a small amount, sometimes as low as Rs 500. ETF SIPs don't have a minimum amount limit and depend on the price of the ETF.

Automation: ETF SIPs automate your investments by deducting a predetermined amount from your bank account on a specific date, promoting financial discipline.

Discipline: ETF SIP instills financial discipline, turning you into a dedicated investor focused on achieving your financial goals.

Flexibility: You can start with a small amount and increase or decrease your ETF SIP investments based on your financial situation.

Variety: ETF SIP offers the flexibility to invest in various mutual fund schemes, including equity, debt, and balanced ETFs, catering to different financial goals.

Avoid Market Timing: ETF SIP eliminates the need to time the market, as you invest consistently regardless of market conditions.

Rupee Cost Averaging: Investing regularly allows you to buy more units when the market is down and fewer units when it's up, averaging out your overall investment costs.

Power of Compounding: ETF SIP reinvests your profits, helping you earn returns on both investments and reinvestments, making it an excellent strategy for long-term wealth creation.

Diversification: ETF SIP allows you to diversify your portfolio across various industries and asset classes, reducing security-specific risks.

Flexible ETF SIP: This plan allows you to adjust the SIP amount based on market conditions and your available funds.

Top-up ETF SIP: You can increase your SIP amount at fixed intervals, boosting your investments over time.

Trigger ETF SIP: This plan lets you set triggers for yourETF SIP investments based on specific Price levels of the ETF.

Perpetual ETF SIP: Unlike other ETF SIPs with a defined start and end date, perpetual ETF SIPs continue indefinitely.

Set Investment Goals: Determine your investment objectives and risk tolerance to select the right ETF.

Choose between SIP or Lump Sum: Decide whether to invest through ETF SIP or make a lump sum investment based on your financial profile.

Complete KYC: Ensure you complete the KYC documentation, when you open a Demat account and have a net banking account to invest in an ETF.

When selecting an ETF SIP plan, consider the following factors:

  • Choose an ETF which matches the suitability of your goal.
  • Choose an ETF which matches your Risk profile.
  • Choose an ETF with a good track record.
  • Prefer ETFs operated by with low tracking errors, low Impact cost and
  • Focus on ETFs known for stable returns and liquidity.
  • Be mindful of tax implications, especially capital gains tax.
In conclusion, ETF SIP is an excellent way to create financial discipline, build wealth, and achieve your long-term financial goals. It offers flexibility, automation, and a variety of investment options to cater to your specific needs. Consider opening a Demat account and starting your investment journey today to benefit from ETF SIP's advantages.

There are various benefits of ETF SIP investment, following are some of the advantages of sip which will tell you why ETF SIP is best.
  • Start Investing with a very small amount: Initially you can invest as little as Rs500 to kick start your investment and work towards your financial goals easily. Unlike other investment options this is affordable as you can start with such a small minimum amount. This reason makes this great investment option for people in their early 20s with no proper source of income. For ETF SIP there is no minimum amount limit. It depends on the price of the ETF.
  • You become a more disciplined investor: As mentioned earlier, the ETF SIP creates discipline and makes you a dedicated investor helping in achieving financial goals. Once you become a disciplined investor you can try other investment options for more wealth generation.
  • You Can Start a New ETF SIP or increase the amount for Existing ETF SIP: Initially you can start with a little amount and later increase your ETF SIP amount as your savings or earnings increase. SimilarlyETF SIP also gives you flexibility to decrease the ETF SIP amount in future.
  • Variety of investment plans: Using ETF SIP, you can invest any desired amount in various ETFs according to your preferred term. You can choose from different options available like Equity ETFs, debt ETFs, Commodity ETFs, etc. Depending on your financial goals you can select between any of these options.
  • Stop or Skip the ETF SIP: As an investor you are not under any obligation to make ETF SIP every month or for a specific duration. As per your wish you can skip or stop your ETF SIP investment. You can exercise this when you have inadequate funds, or any financial emergency occurs.
  • No need to worry about timing the market: You don’t need to time the markets when you invest through ETF SIPs. This is because you keep on investing regularly every month no matter what the market conditions are. You can buy more units if the market is down and vice versa.
  • Rupee cost averaging: As mentioned earlier depending on the market conditions one can get more units when the market moves down and fewer units when it goes up. So, over a period the overall costs of your investments average out when you are investing in the Mutual Funds through SIPs.
  • Power of compounding: The profits or returns you gain in ETF SIP are reinvested in the market. So, you earn returns on investments and returns on reinvestments as well. The more the term of investment the more corpus you can create due to the power of compounding.
  • Diversification: Diversification is one of the important benefits of ETF SIP. You can diversify your portfolio and invest across various industries and asset classes. This diversification results in reducing your security-specific risks which in turn increases your chances of yielding more returns.
Considering the above benefits of ETF SIP investment are enough let us dive into understanding the different types of ETF SIPs.
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